Star wars battlefront 2 zoom sensitivity

Home Help Search Login Register. Anthem The developer of this game placed aspects of unpredictable or incomplete aiming-behavior within the game.

Due to the popularity of this game, however, support was added. Be advised that this negatively affects aiming quality. Choose 7 sensitivity if you would like to enable aim assist. Choose 8 if you would like to disable aim assist. There are no differences in the look mechanic between these settings.


Our latest Beta has a fix to enable consistent transition when using an ADS Deactivation Delay which this game now requires. Conan: Exiles Left Stick Deadzone:.

Death Stranding The developer of this game placed aspects of unpredictable or incomplete aiming-behavior within the game. Fortnite The developer of this game placed significant temporal acceleration in the look mechanic. Smart Translators are designed such that a single set of in-game settings typically default are all that's required for optimal aiming performance. However, the aiming characteristics are so poor for this game that two variants are supported so that the user can decide which version produces the least problematic results for their gaming style.

This will create a sudden increase in velocity which can cause unpredictable aiming. Gears 5 Some of the viewpoints in this game such as some of the pickup weapons use a separate look mechanic that may require raising XIM's boost value in the game config to resolve movement issues.

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Boost is an advanced feature that can be made visible on APEX by enabling Expert mode in Manager's menu-global settings. XIM4 players can find boost in their config's advanced section under mouse. Look Sensitivity: 30 Target Sensitivity: 30 Zoom Sensitivity: User Choice Aim Acceleration: 0 Inner Deadzone: 10 Outer Deadzone: 0 It is recommended that Aim Acceleration is set to 0 however raising this setting to will increase the game's turn speed limit at the expense of adding a velocity jump.

Grand Theft Auto: V The developer of this game placed aspects of unpredictable or incomplete aiming-behavior within the game. Be sure to use the appropriate config for your intended camera perspective. The settings below are required and should be applied to all MCC games. This can be done in the main menu or in each game. Note that the "Set for all games" shortcut in the game options can be bugged.

Be sure to verify in-game settings for each game individually. Note that Look Acceleration applies acceleration when the turn speed limit is reached and held. Use 1 for minimal acceleration but slower turning, 3 for a familiar Halo turning experience, or use a higher value for faster but less predictable turning. Paladins The developer of this game placed aspects of unpredictable or incomplete aiming-behavior within the game.

star wars battlefront 2 zoom sensitivity

Some of the viewpoints in this game such as the some of the higher magnification scopes use a separate look mechanic that may require raising XIM's boost value in the game config to resolve movement issues.

Red Dead Redemption 2 support offers first and third person Smart Translators. An AUX page can be used to resolve this issue. With Expert Mode enabled in Manager's Global Settings you can begin editing your config using these instructions. This will be your wheel selection sensitivity. Red Dead Redemption 2 First Person The developer of this game placed aspects of unpredictable or incomplete aiming-behavior within the game.

If you are using the latest support and are affected by this then removing the save file from the console only not everywhere option and restarting the game from the home menu may resolve the issue.Attention to detail and scale make this game a joy to behold, with 16 incredible new battlefronts such as Utapau, Mustafar and the space above Coruscant, as well as the Death Star interior and Tantive IV, Princess Leia's blockade runner seen at the beginning of the original Star Wars.

Try to survive while your whole team turns into zombies, or infect them all! The rules are simple. Hold out as long as you can. Kill your teammates if you must, to keep them from becoming infected. You can choose to spawn as the first zombie, but you cannot switch teams midgame unless you get infected.

Also, the bot count is multiplied by 5 -- so the default of 16 AI actually becomes 80 and the maximum of 32 AI becomes a whole Thanks, it definitely seems to be my most popular mod. I'll probably update it sometime this summer with more variety in zombies, new map locations, etc.

As I wrote in the summary, the bot count is multiplied by 5, so the default 16 in the settings is actually 80, up to a maximum of Having both of the factions team up against the zombies could make an intresting mod. Only issue would be having the droids become zombies, maybe using separatist allied species could solve that plot hole or the zombies reprogram the droids. This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. It it compatible with the Conversion pack mod?

star wars battlefront 2 zoom sensitivity

It looks absolutely stunning. I saw a video of it from a German reviewer on YouTube I couldn't understand anything, but he has good mods and the gameplay look awesome!!! Yes, it should be compatible with the Conversion pack, and should just appear in addition to the other modes that the Conversion pack offers.

You do need to have the version 1. Ok both zombie modes crash and the only one that works is the team deathmatch in startship troopers. No, sorry, I haven't been able to get it to work online yet. So for now it is a singleplayer mode only. I really don't know much of the lore behind them, but here: Starwars.

Yes, because although cyborgs are mostly cybernetic, they are still "living beings" because their brain is organic. Thus, it's technically possible to infect a cyborg.

But glad you liked it!

star wars battlefront 2 zoom sensitivity

How did you fix it? Mine won't load. As soon as I open launch the map it goes all buggy and I get a fatal error. Can anyone help? I don't think BFX works with this mod, conversion does though, try deleting all mods then installing just this one, worked for me. Also you are allowed to make more pretty game mods COD hast enough stuff to rebuild :D.

The Zombies are to strong The "Force jump-attack" is way to effectiv. I can infect a hole group with only one attack. Only registered members can share their thoughts.View full update.

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I'm not exactly sure what happens, but when I send counts to do ait ends up at a different spot every time. Kind of like acceleration, but it's all over the place. So it's quite obviously major issues with how the mouse input is interpreted. FieldOfView 1. Can the calculator be updated to support FOV changes. Sorry about that, it is not finished yet.

It was a zoom sensitivity based on how it works in BF1, but this game seem to work differently. Removed it now until I can analyze it properly. Maybe you can try turning off those settings and running the on lowest graphics setting? Guys just don't buy this game please.

We as gamers cannot support this kind of behaviour. It definitely should be. This engine has proven to be one of the best in terms of sensitivity and options, so I'm not sure how they'd manage to mess it up.

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Which is exactly why it should never have gotten this far. Can't remember problems with BF1 on PC. Probably Dice is pushed by EA since consoles are the main market for their games. Maybe if they would add some competitive aspects PC would gain more attention.

BF1 had more problems by far than any BF before it. BF1 on the other hand, spread those problems out, more problems spread among smaller groups eg keybindings not working, plane-specific bugs, issues with only some GPUs, etc etc etc. This way, they gave the false impression that it wasn't a terribly buggy launch, because rather than having people complaining about one bug, you had people each complaining about bugs.

I don't know how you can miss the major issues with BF1 right now. To use the most obvious example, try like The lighting has been broken for months and will never be fixed, because it had to be broken on every platform so that the game would even run on PS4pro, and fixing it is too big of a jobHome Help Search Login Register.

Pages: [ 1 ] 2. Zationysk Member Posts: Hey guys. Let's share our settings for soldiers, vehicles and ships. Mouse: G at 2k dpi. Hip xim sen: 33, Hip translator Ads xim sen: 20, Ads translator still adjusting Aim Assist off: Off I am curious if u guys are running it on or off. I feel better with it off but not sure yet. Vehicles: Working on it. I will update later. I turned off the aim assist. Feels better without. CC Bacara Member Posts: I spent my afternoon on an air configuration and land vehicle.

I am desperate, I can not find a good configuration. I tested the turn assit inconclusive. So I thought of a config where the movements of the mouse are not used. I still have work lol. Anyone else finding that with AA off you shoot better from the hip but less so when ads and with it on its the reverse effect?

Marvzdagreat Member Posts: XIM Sens: I'm advocate of having a consistent sensitivity, my zoom mode is set to toggle, so pretty much I'm using same as hip. Vehicles: Star Fighters. However on Starfighters when I need a hard turn I press turn assist to complete the drag of the mouse.

For the ground vehicles, I did have anything yet. Last night I get on the AT-AT and I can see it needs a special config, maybe switch the joysticks so you can aim with mouse. Well I got the game on PC too, and this is the closest I can feel on feeling a precise control, consistent flicks on 60, 90, turns. I try aim-assist on, off and now RML curve. Aim-assist on, is annoying while shooting a cluster of enemies, RML feels like a nice medium but again, I prefer a consistent move, no-acceleration involve.

Performance wise?

star wars battlefront 2 zoom sensitivity

TehSubXero Member Posts: GeneralFave Member Posts: Almightykaz Member Posts: The aim assist is terrible, and it doesn't even turn off it seems. What is the difference between the hip and the ads translator in the battlefront 2 ST? Quote from: TehSubXero. I also use turn assist on space bar.I'm not exactly sure what happens, but when I send counts to do ait ends up at a different spot every time.

Kind of like acceleration, but it's all over the place. So it's quite obviously major issues with how the mouse input is interpreted. I'm doing counts for hipfire and I'm getting differences as well. When you tested hipfire was it also messed up?

Hi DPI Wizard. It seems like the file uses vertical degrees in radians but with an arbitrary multiplier of. However I'm not sure if my FOV is correct. Can you please check for me? Sorry about this terrible formatting.

I converted Overwatch sensitivity to Battlefront 2 mouse sensitivity and zoomed sensitivity. To double check the result i converted the result for battlefront 2 to Battlefront 2 Zoom sens, see pic 2 bellow for reference.

Why do i get a different result? For now i'm using the result from pic 1 for battlefront 2 all sensitivity soldier and Zoom. I'm i doing this wrong again? Just wondering if third person option will be made available just like the PUBG calculator since this game also has both 1st and 3rd person option. It's for 1st person.

I need to check if it's the case, but if the FOV is the same for 1st and 3rd person the calculations will be the same. So no need for a separate entry in that case. I am asking because I only play this game in third person and I believe majority of players do as well, I might be wrong.

If there's a difference, I would love a seperate option for 3rd person, thanks in advance. Thank you for double checking. Vehicles are generally a lot trickier since they usually have a built in negative acceleration or max turn speed etc, so with the added smoothing and acceleration already present it makes it really hard to analyze.

Kind of putting me off getting this game atm.

Zombie Infection Mode v0.9 addon - Star Wars Battlefront II

Any ideas, how I can change this? You are probably opening the wrong file called "ProfileOptions". The in-game slider is fairly inaccurate to use. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Supported Games. By DPI Wizard. Mass Effect With the mouse fix sensitivity in this game works like it should! Read more SWAT 4 Make sure that all your settings are according to the info in the notes!

Skyforge Use the config file calculation for best accuracy!Despite all the controversy surrounding its progression system, which you can read about somewhere else if you really want to be angry on the internet, it's easy to think Battlefront 2 is a total, irredeemable mess.

It's not! Yes, loot boxes are annoying and the campaign tries very hard to convince you it matters when it really doesn't, but underneath the flaws is a solid game made by a ton of people that absolutely delivers on its toy box fantasy.

Battlefront 2 is a complicated game that expects players to figure out a lot of its details for themselves. With The Last Jedi finally out, I thought it was time for some good old fashioned Star Wars ing and dove back into the game.

I've emerged with a few secrets and tricks I managed to bash out of this big, weird, frustratingly beautiful love letter to the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Battlefront 2 Tips - 8 NOOB Mistakes To Avoid Battlefront Tips

They're pretty clearly marked but watch out if you haven't seen the new movie. Which, c'mon, you're reading a tips article about a Star Wars game, you should go see that movie.

Don't listen to the angry, entitled internet people: the whole point of the movie is to challenge what Star Wars means, it's the major theme of the film. Plus the campaign in Battlefront 2 isn't very good so don't sweat it if you haven't been able to finish it.

Battlefront 2 has the same chaotic feel of the Battlefield series and a big part of that is thanks to the physics engine that drives all the mayhem. It's easy to get dazzled by all the sparks, fog, smoke, and lasers but you can actually use this chaos to your advantage. If you're in a heavy firefight, like at the beginning of a match on Kamino, it can be worthwhile to just hurl your grenade into the fray. You may not hit anyone but it's possible the force of your explosion will push someone else's grenade away from your team.

If you're very lucky, you may even push a friendly grenade deeper behind the lines. You can also use some of the hero characters' Force abilities for the same effect.

If you're anything like me, you appreciate the finer things in life. Even in a high-stakes, all-or-nothing space battle to the death, sometimes it's nice to hang back and just play a support class for a few rounds.

While Battlefront 2 doesn't have a healing beam ala Mercy in Overwatchit is possible to help out your team without hurling yourself into laser fire. The Officer's Battle Tactics ability gives you and everyone within a small area in front of you a boost to their health. You can use this similarly to a healing beam as well as rack up plenty of battle points yourself as every new player you support in this way earns you 25 points, but you'll also get credited with assists for every target someone you're supporting takes down.

Pro Tip: Pop this at the beginning of the match when your team is clustered together for an easy boost of battle points.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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Change language. Install Steam.

Whats your sensitivity? (Consoles only)

Store Page. Global Achievements. This is something that annoys me a lot and I haven't found a fix for. It's almost impossible to aim with the weapons due to this kind of mouse acceleration that wont stop exactly where I'm looking when I want to shoot someone.

Anyone know of a potential fix? Showing 1 - 15 of 17 comments. William View Profile View Posts. The game doesn't slow down your cursor when you move over an enemy like new games do and it never will. Anno View Profile View Posts. Jean i'm not quite sure what you are talking about. I'm having the same problem. I find that turning down the mouse sensitivity helped.

Id buy it in a heartbeat if mouse acceleration was turned off. Also, were you really too lazy to write up your own post on disliking mouse acceleration?

Originally posted by Cigarettes :. Rhael View Profile View Posts. Did you try changing the sensitivity?

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